Ableton Live Fundamentals Workshop [Online]

Ableton Live Fundamentals Workshop [Online]

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Learn the fundamentals of producing with Ableton Live.

Next Start Date April 10
Level Beginner
Sessions 2
Available Courses
April 10 + 11, Sat/Sun 3:15-5pm EST

343 Labs is an Ableton certified school. Ever wondered how a track you like is made? Chances are it has been produced using a computer and includes a vocal, accompanied by a few electronic instruments. In this workshop, we will uncover the behind-the-scenes process of music production, and show you some of the essential tools a music producer uses in everyday music creation. During the workshop, we will be learning the fundamentals of working with Ableton Live, one of the world’s leading music production software*. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with an original beat, as well as a basic understanding of the essential music production concepts needed to make a track. In this workshop we will cover:
  • Overview and understanding the interface
  • Beat-making and drum programming
  • Instrumentation
  • Basic audio + MIDI editing
  • What are audio effects?
  • What is sampling?
  • Creating melodies, chords, and basslines
  • Song Arrangement
  • Basic mix-down
  • Exporting your song

Learn virtually in real-time from New York’s most accomplished instructors and artists:
  • More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide
  • Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback
  • Intimate class sizes (roughly 5 students) ensuring maximum student/instructor interaction
  • Motivation and inspiration from experienced instructors with real industry success
  • Online community forums to ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers and collaborate
  • Daily free community events
  • 40% discount on Ableton Live and 20% discount on Ableton Push