Youth Music Academy [Online]

Youth Music Academy [Online]

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Create, collaborate and perform at 343 Labs, and build meaningful friendships along the way.

343 Labs is an Ableton certified school. Students learn to compose and perform their own songs and learn how music technology is shaping the future of our artistic process. This unique music program hosts up to 12 participants per session, ensuring a highly personal and intimate learning experience. In this music program we will cover:

  • Music Production
  • Beat-Making
  • Audio recording techniques
  • Music History + Appreciation
  • Presenting your tracks
  • Instructor and peer feedback


  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Arrangement
  • Collaboration
  • Performing your tracks
  • Instructor and peer feedback

Learn from New York’s most accomplished instructors and artists:
  • More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide
  • Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback
  • Intimate class sizes ensuring maximum student/instructor interaction and safety
  • Motivation and inspiration from experienced instructors with real industry success
  • Online community forums to ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers and collaborate
  • Daily free community events
  • 40% discount on Ableton Live and 20% discount on Ableton Push