Sound Design & Synthesis For Producers [Online]

Sound Design & Synthesis For Producers [Online]

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Learn how to create a unique sound using some of the industry’s most powerful synths and samplers.

Next Start Date June 6
Level Intermediate
Sessions 12
Available Courses
June 6 - Aug 22 Sundays 1:15-3pm EST

343 Labs is an Ableton certified school. This course, created by John Selway, is the result of his many years as a musician and sound designer searching for interesting ways to make unique sounds using synthesizers and samplers. The course teaches the fundamentals of sound design and explores the various synthesis and sampling techniques so that students can ultimately navigate any type of synthesizer. Throughout the course, students will be applying their skills directly to creative projects to make music and will leave the class with an arsenal of their signature sounds. In this course we will cover:
    • Synthesis overview
    • Subtractive synthesis
    • Wavetable synthesis
    • FM Synthesis
    • Sample-based synthesis
    • Physical Modelling
    • Granular Synthesis

Learn virtually in real-time from New York’s most accomplished instructors and artists:
  • More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide
  • Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback
  • Intimate class sizes (roughly 5 students) ensuring maximum student/instructor interaction
  • Motivation and inspiration from experienced instructors with real industry success
  • Online community forums to ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers and collaborate
  • Daily free community events
  • 40% discount on Ableton Live and 20% discount on Ableton Push